Who do you say I am?

But the question isn’t about me. It’s about God’s son, Jesus. Jesus asked his friends who others thought he was.

They replied,

“Some say your are John the Baptist come back alive. Others say you are Elijah or Jeremiah, or another great prophet”. (Matthew chapter 16)

“What about you,” Jesus replied, “who do you say I am?”

The answer given at the time was heavy and loaded. It was one word but it was thick with meaning and significance for the Jews. It was simply,

“You are The Christ, the son of the living God”.

Who, or what, is ‘The Christ’?

Without being too technical, The Christ:

  • is the one God chose to rescue God’s people and give unfettered access to all the benefits of being the people of God.
  • was a great and mighty political, military and religious leader, all rolled into one, specifically chosen to lead God’s people to God.

It’s big, bigger than anything you could imagine.

If you were an oppressed people, think of someone who would be your greatest hero, someone who would come and solve EVERYTHING. They’d take away all your problems, and all the world’s problems all at once. This is how big the idea of the Messiah is! He is VERY VERY big.

Was the friend of Jesus right when he answered this way?

This is what Jesus said in response to this.

“Blessed are you Simon (the apostle Peter) son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by men but by my father in heaven” (Matthew chapter 16).

I want you to notice, Jesus didn’t correct him.

Be careful how you answer. Who do you say he is?