The Rainbow Covenant Points to Jesus

As you may know the rainbow was a sign in the book of Genesis. It was a symbol that God would remember his covenant with his people and not wipe them and the animals out again. It was a sign of assurance to people! I quote Genesis 8, ‘Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done’.

You might also know from the story of Noah that the reason God sent  the flood, was to stop the evil of humanity from totally undoing his work of creation, which he describes as ‘very good’.  Theologically speaking, that is our human tendency. We wish to undermine God’s good work because we think we know better than God.  I understand you claim some affiliation with the Christian faith. You’ll know then that this is very basic theology.

So, if I was to apply this story and the legitimate use of the rainbow as a sign, to today, I think I would say that the rainbow over Parliament House was a sign that God will be faithful to His covenant and not wipe us out again like he did, even though our hearts are evil. The rainbow is a message of assurance, that despite our evil, we are safe for the moment.

I say ‘for the moment’ because a basic understanding of the covenants in the Old Testament points us forward to the covenant established for us in Jesus. This covenant has a parallel with the one in Genesis. In Jesus, we are also spared judgement. By his death, on our behalf, we are rescued from judgement. Even though our hearts are evil, we are given assurance, through Jesus, that we will be spared God’s wrath.

So, you see I think a more legitimate understanding of using the rainbow over Parliament House would be that God is assuring his faithful people that despite the decisions of those who want to usurp God’s authority there is hope and assurance in God’s promises.

I rather, think that you may condemn yourself in God’s eyes, by not applying his covenant in a way that defies his authority to define marriage for himself, and for us and our benefit.



Simon Waller
Warialda Anglican Church.