English as a Second Language (ESL)

Learning English at the Warialda Anglican Church

In Warialda Anglican Church for 6 to 8 weeks each term, we have Bible studies which double as English lessons, led by a retired teacher. Recently we have been working through Mark’s gospel.

Mostly we have had five participants, two from the Philippines, two from Korea and one from Taiwan. We also have two very small participants, 2-year-old Seulah and 4-year-old Ina. Ina has been practicing hard to be a teacher with her white board skills and careful imitations of the group facilitator.

We follow a very simple routine, first reading the passage in English. The participants then silently read it in their native languages. Quite some time is spent taking explanations of the passage from the group.

We then use the language in the passage for practising pronunciation and vocabulary and usage discussion. The Bible is a rich source of vocabulary. The simple form of our study is invaluable, because somehow it enables those whose English is quite advanced, and those who are just beginning, to learn something that they can take away.

Two of the participants have explained what they derive from the group (I have left their words as they gave them):

“I always look forward coming to our meeting because I got a lot out of it like friendship, fellowship, plus I always came out spiritually, emotionally and linguistically enrich. Plus our group is a loving group allowing me to open up about myself without the fear of judgment.”

“I’ve only joined the ESL group this year. Though we come from different background, we have one thing in common and that is our love for Jesus. While learning God’s words, our teacher incorporates English lessons taken directly from the texts we are studying so it serves a double purpose. We learn the meanings, synonyms and the pronunciation of words that we are not familiar. She also let us explain what the passage is all about and what attracts our attention. I find with this group a sense of belongingness, comradery and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.”

This is a time that we all enjoy.

We aren’t preparing for IELTS because our teacher is not qualified for that; we are simply working on our communication and sharing in our walk with Jesus.


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