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The Rainbow Covenant Points to Jesus

Dear Mr Shorten, I noticed your comments on Twitter about the rainbow seen over Parliament House as the Liberal party was discussing their course of action on Same Sex Marriage (SSM). I thought I’d let the dust settle a little before I wrote. I hope you’ll indulge me in a little bit of Old Testament […]

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What is Marriage? Part 4

I started this series by asking ‘What is marriage?’. I have argued that it involves two people of the opposite sex, and innately excludes same sex couples. I’ve offered reasons for this in an attempt to show why we should not change the definition of marriage. (See previous articles: What is Marriage? Part 1, Part […]

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What is Marriage? Part 3.

Our bodies are different, our muscles are different, our brains are different, and despite the remarkable ability of men and women to adapt to new situations, we have different things to offer when it comes to growth and nurturing of children.

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