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Ask the Father

Have you ever prayed and had your prayer go unanswered? I reckon this is one of the most common ‘complaints’ I get. We’re told to pray and everything will be okay. But, most people say “God’s not interested”, “He isn’t listening”, or “He doesn’t answer.” God always answers our prayers. He does so with one […]

A Pastors Grief

This year Don died. I got to take his funeral. Today, nearly eight months later, I miss Don.

The Rainbow Covenant Points to Jesus

Dear Mr Shorten, I noticed your comments on Twitter about the rainbow seen over Parliament House as the Liberal party was discussing their course of action on Same Sex Marriage (SSM). I thought I’d let the dust settle a little before I wrote. I hope you’ll indulge me in a little bit of Old Testament […]

Who do you say I am?

Who, or what, is ‘The Christ’? The answer given at the time was heavy and loaded. It was one word but it was thick with meaning and significance for the Jews.

What is Marriage? Part 5.

I left us last time considering why our government legislates relationships and considering some of the implications of allowing the legal definition of marriage to be changed. I discussed two and wish to add two more.

What is Marriage? Part 4

I started this series by asking ‘What is marriage?’. I have argued that it involves two people of the opposite sex, and innately excludes same sex couples. I’ve offered reasons for this in an attempt to show why we should not change the definition of marriage. (See previous articles: What is Marriage? Part 1, Part […]

What is Marriage? Part 3.

Our bodies are different, our muscles are different, our brains are different, and despite the remarkable ability of men and women to adapt to new situations, we have different things to offer when it comes to growth and nurturing of children.

What is Marriage? Part 2.

My definition, largely taken from Sherif Gergis and Ryan T Anderson, is a definition that describes marriage as a relationship that is very different from any other human relationship or living arrangement.

What is Marriage? Part 1.

The case for answering this question can seem very straightforward. If two people love each other, why shouldn’t they be allowed to marry?

Who Are You?

We know ourselves, not in isolation, but by being connected to our people, our past, and even to our world.

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