What we believe

The name ‘Christian’ is no accident. It expresses the fact that Jesus Christ is the very heart and soul of what it is to be a Christian, because he is the very heart and soul of what God is doing in the world.

Whats On?

We have a few regular get-togethers, see below for more information. For updates on community events and information, we invite you to visit our community on Facebook. Weekly Events Week Day Devotions @ 6 am (Contact Alison) Sundays Church Service @ 9:30 am Lunch at the Golf Club @ 12 pm (Contact Cecile Egan 0435 […]


Welcome! We're glad you're here! Here at Warialda Anglican Church, we love Jesus and we are a group of people who want to train our community to: know his words in the Bible; to encourage our community for ministry to each other, and to grow Gods kingdom while it is still called today. We are [...]