What we believe

The name ‘Christian’ is no accident. It expresses the fact that Jesus Christ is the very heart and soul of what it is to be a Christian, because he is the very heart and soul of what God is doing in the world.

Whats On?

This is custom heading element For updates on community events and information, we invite you to visit our community on Facebook.   Weekly Events Week Day Devotions @ 6 am (Contact Alison) Sundays Church Service @ 9:30 am Lunch at the Golf Club @ 12 pm (Contact Cecile Egan 0435 859 400) Coolatai Church Service [...]


Welcome! We're glad you're here! Here at Warialda Anglican Church, we love Jesus and we are a group of people who want to train our community to: know his words in the Bible; to encourage our community for ministry to each other, and to grow Gods kingdom while it is still called today. We are [...]